The Masque of the Red Death

Sunday, July 28
Doors: 6:30pm // Show: 7pm
Forget the outside world!  Prince Prospero (let’s just call him “Your Highness” for safety) throws the ultimate party in his magnificent abbey.  Imagine seven themed rooms, each a dazzling spectacle, all connected by endless corridors for extravagant revelry.  The guest list?  The wealthiest, the most carefree – basically, everyone who can afford to ignore the rumors of a terrifying illness called the Red Death.  This masked ball is all about living it up, indulging in every pleasure, and pretending mortality doesn’t exist.  But can even the most opulent party walls keep out the inevitable?  Prepare for a chilling encounter with a mysterious, uninvited guest, a reminder that even the most extravagant celebration can’t outrun fate (especially the kind that comes in a shade of crimson).  This gothic horror tale will leave you wondering – is laughter truly the best medicine when death itself crashes the party?
DOUBLE FEATURE! Tickets for this show are good for BOTH movies that night.
Beer, wine, liquor, & concessions available in lobby.
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